How to find the best bets on each sport?

Can we find a way to see on each sport waht is the exact bet that will bring you more profits ?
For example I want to see my result from O/U just on football and then I want to see my result on O/U but just from basket or O/U just from tennis and so on with each market and each sport.
Is there a way to find this answers ?
Because maybe you are in red on O/U bet but maybe 75% from all the losing bets on O/U market come from basket or from tennis and football is profitable on this market. But you will never know if you don’t have exact data how is performing each sport on each type of bet.
I hope i made myself understood.

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you have bet log to see what is win and what is lose

you didn’t understand me

i did…
Some people said that in basketball they losing alot so they are not betting on it.

But if you filter betlog by urself you can see where u lose

i want to have that option too/also what odds i win i lose.So i wanna know how many wins and loses i have in 1.909 odss per instance…

yes, I know waht you mean. I did not even understand what @nejcjernejc said cuz I did not even find a filter for betlong on this software. I will just keep betting and that it. I did no find any filters on the betting history in rebelbetting

You can check by clicking:
Tracker (Bottom right)
Click the arrows (Where it says your roi etc)
Click “reports”

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Thank you @nigel, i know this…but i wanted more data than that!

i miss with a lot more data. in addition, the opportunity to specify even more.