... how to find value in brokers

… I would like to start working with ValueBetting … I have practically finished the study phase and one thing I have cpaed 100%: if you want to do valueBetting in a systematic way you have to use brokers (otherwise after a few hundred bets you risk being limited on Soft Books with the only risk of losing money) … once the study part is over, I’m now choosing which SoftWare to Buy … carefully reading the Rebel site and the Community posts I read that the criterion with which Rebel determines whether the Odd of a Bet has value or not is to compare the Odd with the Book Sharp (therefore with the Brokers) … but if the broker’s odds are those used as a comparison to determine if a Odd has value or not how will you find value in the broker’s shares ???


i try on sharps ( betinasia) every odd in rebelbetting is different like on sharps… soft are easy too use, sharp not good… like maybe 5 bets per day and like 2 of them correctly odd like in sharps…

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If You buy sure bets You will see in some cases You get sure bet between two sharp bookies. that means one is wrong and there is value. Also big database mean rebel betting know witch bookie is better in witch sport. ofc there is probably much more ways to find value like middles and other things i dont know about.

hi on values 80% sharps odds are wrong same as on sure bets, been there done that…

So only option is with soft one and try to getting new accounts

but doing so the activity of ValueBettin or Surebetting does not even resemble an epo to a Business … it is not possible to always go in search of new accounts with Soft brokers (in addition to not being legal)

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So,did you test the pro version?