How to minimize my loss

I just started value betting and i have places about 70 bets which is not much but i noticed i have been making loss. i am still using the free trial because i have some doubts about value betting . Do i need to subscribe to access any features because to be honest i want to be sure it actually works before paying 179pounds

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Hi, try to only do bets over 4% and bring down your ‘time to match’ setting to 12 hours. I’ve been having an atrocious time since I began 1 month ago and have tried all sorts. But, I’ve just started trying the above settings and it seems to be paying off. Also, the bookie (s) that you choose seems to have a huge effect on the amount of loses you will suffer. Good luck.

PS I’m starting to understand that it’s quality over quantity.

what bookies do you use

how much profit have you made since you made those adjustments

Edges are edges regardless of where they are found. I’m glad it’s going as planned, expecting to see you after 1000😉

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so the percentage at which we bet at does not matter

Yes, the only reason you’re advised to take let’s say 4% edges is because of market movement, a constant 4% edge on odds of 3 will still generate the same amount of profit with 2 odds over a large sample just at the cost of more variance. So, sportsbook are the least criteria in defining/judging edges