How to save bet365 account?

How can i use the news bet365 account to avoid limitations?
I started with my personal account and i earned 6k.
before they limited me, i started to use a new account (just created by my friend).
I used only duckduckgo as a browser and never wifi connection, I setted bankroll 4k increased to 5k after 2 weeks.
Results? I get limited after 28days and 1k earnings.
Can anyone tell me if I did something wrong?
Thank you!

Maybe you should have started off with a lot of mug bets and used the live casino but even that may not work

What currency are you using?

I’m in the same boat as you.

Made 5k on my personal account before getting limited, made a second account and got limited only after 800 euro.

The issue is that we don’t really know the cause, I’m on my 3th account atm and it’s just trail and error.

On my 3th account I deposited less at once and I am also betting smaller amounts, let’s see how long this one will last.

I’m using Euro!

Which browser do you use? I think to do the same thing, starting with less bankroll…:weary:

How much did you deposit in that first account?

using a cellphone on 4g since bet365 is not allowed in my country

I started with 1k bankrol…first deposit was more or less 1k.

Does 4g allow you to sign up to bookies outside of your country? Don’t they require photo ID and use that to check address?