How to tell if system is online

I’m curious how to tell if the system is updating correctly with new bets. I’ve only been using the site for a few days, but the value bets have not disappeared that are no longer value priced at the bookmaker. I’m wondering if the site is stuck? It’s been at 6 bets with your filters and 248 bets with ValueBetting Pro for a couple of hours with no updates.

same for me, I dont know why this happen. Literally 0 new bets in the last 4-5 hours. This shit happen too many times in a month, thats why I cancelled my subscription

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Same here i think smthing is wrong.0 bets in 3-4 hours.

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most annoying thing is that not only you lose time on your subscription that you paid already, but the admins dont even reply if you contact them

Same here…

I guess the software is not updating for hours now. no new bets and same amount for total value bets.

same here, start my subscriptions yesterday, lucky me

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Will we be compensated for this? It doesn’t feel good to have to pay for a service you can’t use

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I suggest that RB reduces next months subscription price in case of these situations.

they re back finally

The same happened for 4-5 hours on Monday. As I am a newbie I thought it was time for updating servers on a quiet sports day. However, I was very surprised when it happened again yesterday - for at least three hours I think. A message should automatically advise the group as soon as it goes down. Instant messaging is something that is very important particularly with a high paid subscription service. I am very surprised there is not a telegram or discord group, that seems to be the way every service has gone to update its members quickly


it’s happening again today. imagine how harmful it is on weekends. we want clarification on this. with minimum subscription extension.

Lack of communication from the team is a concern for me, they appear very slow in coming back - is this the norm?

It is a very expensive service and you would expect a next to immediate response given the commercials and the community numbers

It appears 19 hours since this was first raised and ‘it appears’ no reply ??

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Its always like this. I received an answer to my email 3 days later

Yep this worries me and is a big concern on any subscription let alone Pro Subscription , there should be immediate updates when there are system failings. this can not be a full-time service for sure else they would respond

its happening again…no bets in the last hours