Huge downswing in 5 days

Hello i have used rebelbetting for almost 1 month now. And this is my reslut until now:

1€ ≈ 10 sek
I started of very good. And then it was ± for some days and now it has completely crashed since 27 oct. I had a profit of 5200€ but it has now dropped to 2600€ profit. Meaning i have lost 2600€ in just 5 days. The yield have dropped to under closing line value. This has resulted that i have changed the setting many times in a short period. I had 2% of max stake. Then 1%. Always 30% Kelly and hours until start 300 (as i have read on rebelbetting that they did not see a negative change in CLV). Right now in hope of a rise i have changed to 24h and max stake 1,5%.
This weeks graph:

I had a bankroll of 10 000€ which is now down to 8 500€.

I would like some mental support and tips for my yield to increase again. I cant understand why the my results have dropped under CLV so much.
Thank you and every comment on this post is appreciating.

Users mostly post when they have downswings :slight_smile: The upswings always come ( we just dont know when) . Ive been with RB for 7 months now, and have suffered your anguish. They call it " variance".
I , too , am on a downswing…but will just plod on. I wish I d have made Euro 2600 in just a month !!
Are you using RB recommended settings and ALL sports ALL Markets?

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I’ve seen the exact same downswing after Oct 27th also. Tennis in particular has been brutal. Half my earnings have been wiped out.

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Thank you for your comment!
Okay, thank you for letting me know. Its always calming hearing from experienced RB-traders. How many days in a row does downswings normally last?
Right now i am using bet size 1,5%, kelly 30% and all markets! I have seen that hockey and Esport almost always are negative but i keep on going anyways.

Thank you for letting me know. Nice not to be alone :stuck_out_tongue: haha no but i feel for you as i also have lost half my earnings.

There is no normal for downswings. My personal range maximum was 5 consecutive days , and it really tested my resolve! You always blame yourself for doing “something wrong” but need to realise you are basically BETTING, so anything can happen. If certain wins were to occur on every bet then the industry would collapse as all Bookies would go out of business :slight_smile:

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Looks like normal variance, your clv is solid. Keep the faith.
I have had 2 losing months in a row.
I follow numerous people on Twitter who analyze the sportsbook promotions. I pay for one discord channel that does the same. They are usually good for ~$1000US monthly to offset the unavoidable downswings. Of course after months of success you will no longer be eligible for many of the more lucrative offers.

I have also taken a massive hit at the end of October. Really really shite… I’ll keep going with what I have left in my bet365 account, but if I take the same hit again anytime soon,it’ll finish me off.