I am totally Confused

What does 1x2 mean. and what do i look for in the bookies page?

What about over Over/Under? and where do I look for that on a bookies page.

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you will be more confused, when you will see your cash falling. everyone in here will look happy but your bank cashier will not. and they will also delete my post. they don’t like negative comments in here.

Listen kosgr. If you can’t or won’t answer my questions, please don’t post, okay.

Regarding 1X2, let’s consider the tonight game of Bayern Munich vs Barcelona:

1 = Team1 wins (Bayern Munich)
X = Draw
2 = Team2 wins (Barcelona)

Regarding Over/Under, RB usually uses this term to refer to the total number of goals during a game.
For example, if you bet O(2.5), you will only win if the total number of goals made by both teams together is equal to or greater than 3. If the total number of goals is 2 or less, then you will lose

Also, another one to look out for is AH+0.25 (or any .25, .75). This is AH0, AH+0.5 on the bookies sites. Confused the hell out of me for a couple of days. Ps, i also had to go looking for 1X2 bets, so you’re not alone.

This article covers the bet types and their meaning. As a sports betting beginner it can be very confusing with all the different bet types, finding the correct odds. Also, bookmakers can be somewhat inconsistent in naming bet types.

If you need personal guidance, don´t hesitate to contact us on our website chat or email support@rebelbetting.com.

We do not delete posts or negative comments unless they violate our terms. You are free to express your feelings about our products and share your results. We have answered you politely on all posts, and also told you why your profit result was still negative. Value betting is all about placing many bets (not a few hundred bets - we´re talking thousands) to lower the impact of the variance. Feel free to email support@rebelbetting.com and I will gladly discuss this further and help you become profitable.

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Thank you every one and excuse me for being a bith thick, but I have fount the match on William Hill and tried to decipher the following on rebelbet

AH(+0) Everton De Vina

Everton De Vina vs Nublense

Asian handicap

Chilean Primera Division


Starts in 1 day


What does it mean?


Does it mean more than one goal scored?

No, AH is Asian Handicap. Essentially +0 is the same as draw no bet, but you should find that bet under the ‘handicap’ section at William Hill. Personally, i find WH rubbish for the AH market as they move pretty quick and thee is little in options.

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So AH 0.25 is The same as AH 0.0
And AH 0.75 is The same as AH 0.5?

Im so confused now, I do understand AH with the 0.5, but I’m totally lost at 0.25 and 0.75, also I cant find these bets on example bet365.
I only see 0.5

This article describes Asian Handicaps very well, check it out!

Also regarding Bet365 - they often change the line/limit instead of changing the odds. So if you can’t find the bet, then the limit may have been changed, sorry about that!

No, sorry i wasn’t clear. “AH+0.25” on RB will be shown as “AH0, AH+0.5” at the book maker. It’s essentially the average of 2 bets. Bet365 is definitely the easiest one to see how this works if you click on the “alternative handicap” menu, you’ll see a list that puts them all in order.

Hannah’s link will definitely explain better than i can.

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Unibet is best. When u click the bet, betslip is ready for ya


Are there any other bookmakers with the same thing?