I can’t seem to turn a profit on one book

I’m about 1500 bets in on betrivers and still negative pretty considerably too not to mention there’s also unibet which uses all of the exact same lines as betrivers where I’m down another 1000 on 100 bets and I’ve never once been positive throughout the course of the entire 1600 bets I would really like someone to give me some insights into why this is happening because it’s extremely frustrating and there’s no way to break down data on the bets to gain any insights on which ones are causing me to lose money

I don’t have insight for you, but that is very unusal. BetRivers is my most profitable book so far in 2023 and I’ll I’m doing is betting what the platform serves me on my Starter membership. I’ll be interested to see if anyone has ideas for you.

I haven’t had a terrible year on the app it’s more of losses coming from last year that just aren’t recovering no many how many bets I place seemingly

And I also wasn’t betting in January February or March we’re those better months for you than April and May(Betrivers specifically)

My BetRivers yield so far in 2023:
January: +13.1%
February: I took a month off
March: +9.6%
April: +5.2%
May: +17.2% (It’s only three days of data, but either I’m on a hot streak this week or my May numbers will outpace April significantly)

Are you hiding low tier or betting it and what are your min and max odds, min value?

I am also experiencing this from unibet

Not hiding low tier, Value percentage min 3.5, Odds min 1.4 max 2.9, Time to match start 300h M-Thurs, 8h F-Sun

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I’m also in the US. I know our bet availability is different, so it may be down to that.

your only -2% yield on BetRivers and you have turned over a really nice amount. When that yield becomes positive with the amount you’ve turned over it will certainly give your account a big boost! All the best :slight_smile:

Is BetRivers a sharp? I am from UK so I am unfamiliar with this book.

It’s the same exact book as unibet

So no not exactly the sharpest out there that’s why it’s annoying me that I’ve been in the negative there for so long

unibet is just horrible overall.