I can't place any bets when this window pop up on BET365

Screenshot (85) Screenshot (86) …what is this, i can’t use my account. I go to “my best” but is nothis to do there…i don’t understand

It happens even me sometime, but after reload everything goes well. I bet again after reload

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I’ve tried to refresh the page a million times and still was this problem. I found that you just have to wait , do your jobs and come back later…it will just go away after a while

I have exactly the same thing, also since yesterday when I select a bet I get logged out. it seems to be something wrong with them, because I have this error on every account, all browsers and even on the mobile version. My friends say that they have the same problem, is there anyone who is working normally at the moment?

what bookies you using for value ?
maybe know where to buy bet365 accounts ?