I do not know what to do

ello everyone, I close the year of PRO-STARTER mixed enrollment above the expectation of Rebel.
It’s true that in the last 3 months I’ve lowered stakes and all because I haven’t been able to put away a penny

should i try to change some parameters?

that was a really sad graph…
You did not share any settings so how can you expect any advice or suggestions?

Are you flat-staking?

hello, I am attaching my settings which I have never changed since the beginning.
I am attaching the annual chart.
as I told you everything went well for 9 months.
It’s been a nightmare for 3 months.
one could calmly tell me… you’re going beyond expectation anyway…
That said, I’m still looking forward to any advice.

It could be a settings problem. I had 2 negative months and by changing a few things I reduced the variance. If you share your tracker I can help you.

thanks for any advice

profit_graph_daily_with_clv__value_betting__2023-03-26T21_36_59.027309+02_00.xlsx (13.4 KB)

i need the full tracker to see sites, roi, time to start etc etc

where can i find the extraction you ask me?

if you have the pro version you can download the tracker

You said you did not change your settings from the beginning. The settings that you posted are far from the default settings…
Your profit is still way above your CLV.
Go back to, or close to, the default settings and turn off AFOB.

Afob means?

Enry90: my pro membership expired the other day.
given the last 3 months I was worried about continuing

AFOB, Adjust For Open Bets