I don't understand what I'm doing wrong

I started making Valuebets on November 21st and my performance started well but now it’s getting worse, where am I wrong?
I place at least 30 if not more bets per day…

You do not share enough information for the community to be able to help. The default settings works really well. If you have changed those hen go back to default.
Two things I would change is the min value and Adjust For Open Bets (AFOB). Depending on how have many bets you have available then raise the min value.
If AFOB is on turn it off. If you are worried about loosing you complete bankroll then reduce Kelly to 25 or even 20% (that would be a third thing)
Note - You have just started!
It has not even been a month. I was at a loss after my first month.
Without you sharing it is difficult to support further.

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here are all my settings,
If you can kindly tell me what I need to change, please thank you

these are my other settings

I suggest to turn off AFOB and increase max stake to 2.5% (or the Kelly does not work as intended). When the whole bankroll is in play then you should have between 90 to 110 bets in play. If you want to be more “conservative” i.e. place more bets and hence reduce the risk (but increase the workload) you can lower the Kelly to 25 or 20% (more bets will be required to get the bankroll in play).
Your current settings are actually fine (as seen by the CLV line) but you have very few bets.