I don't want to go in blind

Please I’m suggesting there should be something like one week testing before an automatic subscription or something cos I’m really worried about going in blind on this considering how huge the subscription is especially in my currency please or I’d rather you offer a week subscription for first timers and not make it so expensive so we at least know what we’re jumping into… I’d appreciate if the people in charge consider this proposal

aaand how about starting with a free trial then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How do I start with agree trial please

And how do I start with a free trial

Man, I am slightly confused haha. It’s litterally the first thing you see when connecting to the Rebelbetting website. You just follow the instructions: enter your email as requested, next steps will then follow :wink:

Oh hahaha thanks man…lol

No prob ! and welcome to the world of value betting !

Thank you… I really appreciate

Seems not everyone is eligible for the free trial…or how do I get to access the free trial

I cannot help here, you should contact the support. Normally they react in a reasonable time :wink:

I actually don’t want to use the value betting but the sure betting and it seems there’s no free trial for the sure betting


Please send me a pm or contact me on our support chat and I’ll help you further with your account. There is no free trial of sure betting at the moment. At the moment there is a free trial of our value betting service, as you have noticed. However, contact me privately and I’ll help you out with this.