I feel tired. Long time no progress!

after 8 months and more than 9000 bets I am in a real valley that does not let me move forward…

I understand that the objective is to reach and exceed the CLV line, correct?. But I still don´t understand why this line changes so much with each temporality.


The objective is to make profit not reach/pass the clv line my friend, you’ve indeed placed a lot of bets and ought to have evened variance out by now.

If I’m reading your graphs correctly you’ve soared above clv from the 1 year view and that’s kinda how you’re supposed to think and look at it.

9000 bets with just 80% ROI is so much work for so little, on paper it’s supposed to be better than that, is there something you’re doing differently?

What do you mean with “80% ROI is so much work for so little”?, What ROI is it supposed to have at this point?

The only thing I´m doing differently is that all my bookies are limited and I bet everything they let me put, that´s why I dont pay attention to the recommended amount per bet, because I am always below´.

Thanks for answering!, that´s very kind of you

I agree with @Lm10 … you have surpassed the CLV but you, even after a profit of 2k+€, you have a measly 5€ average stake (293€ in 59 bets).
Regarding the ROI; The ROI can be doctored to show almost anything based what you entered as starting bankroll.

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Yes, you´re right,. As I told before I´m using only limited bookies, so that´s why my average stake is about 6€.

My idea is to make an average of 100 bets per day, which means a turnover of €18,000 per month.

If I take my 4.61% yield for granted, I think I could cover the monthly payment and continue making profits.


Try and change your odds to at least 1.4 and hours to 24.

See if it makes the week or month any better.

Just have to keep tweaking things and testing to try and get better results

1.10 means one loss you would need 10 wins to recover a single loss. I dont think thats worth it at all and that might be where your losing money and then the other bets are compensating. I have no idea how many 1.10 bets there are but I wouldn’t want to do any of those

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Thanks for advice my friend!

I´ll try and I´ll write here the results.

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