I got limits on bet365 after only 180 profit(indicate here if your account's been gubbed before with date, please)

Has this happened to anyone else? Does bet365 have any clones?

Same, today

got email today aswell, last 7 days…

Wow, maybe today was account review day. If a lot of people participate in this thread, we can draw conclusions for their review date and when they’re most likely to gub, thus coming up with safe date, time, criteria and stuff that might provide that extra edge in account life, problem is we need a large sample to phase out variance in results (pun intended :sweat_smile:). Please comment below with the date you were gubbed hopefully we can draw conclusions after the first half of the year

I lost my first account on Nov 4, 2022. It was created on Sept 6th 2022. Funny how his was also limited on the 4th, c’mon guys pitch in something

Lost my second Account Nov 18th 2022, Was Created November 6th, 2022

idk, 2 matches from obsecure leagues got canceled today maybe that’s what triggered the review for me?

PAO Rouf - Episkopi FC
A.E. Kifisia FC - Irodotos

Nahh this aren’t obscure as bet 365 are quite confident with there odds there to the extent they offered 2-goal payout and enhanced prices.

share your input in the thread if you haven’t :slightly_smiling_face:

No limit on me with 1,2k bets but only 5e flat bets so that might have something to do with that. Betting on everything. Also just deposited yesterday to raise my bet to flat 10e.

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Accounts I’ve used purely for RB:

Created / Lost / PL

28/11 17/12 +£560
29/11 05/12 -£170
29/11 03/12 +£200
29/11 04/12 +£800
01/12 03/01 +£1100
06/12 29/12 +£240

So far I can’t see a pattern. Even if it is a ‘first working week of the month’ kind of thing doesn’t really help us not get gubbed. Just tells us when to expect it!

are these all on bet365 ?

Yes sorry, I should’ve stated that. I have a lot of friends.

That was a short accounts life!!

Did you stake heavily?