I got Limits today only 500 profit

I got limits today (only 500 profit) and im just thinking is it possible that i got it because i just started to use also my friend users. BUT i have different phone and different internet for my friend users. I only use mobiledata. Can someone explain what is going on?

500nits normal where i live. If u live in a place when classificed as third wolrd, i think 500 is normal. I think bookmakers have differents limits depended by country where you live

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Yeah, I ran into something similar. After singing up for the Pro Subscription less than 2 weeks ago, I’ve already been limited on Bet365, 1xBet, BetWinner, 10Bet, and WilliamHill. Unfortunately, I ran into the bad side of variance and have lost a decent amount of money rather than earning anything as well.

The third world thing may carry some merit as well as I’m currently living in a third world country and have gotten limited on so many different books so quickly. Hopefully I just drew the shit end of the stick, but it would be nice to see if more people have been getting gubbed quickly over the past few weeks.

Me on the otherhand thinks and feel like people in 3rd world countries are at an advantage simply cos bookmakers underestimate accounts in those region and don’t look at them with much scrutiny as they tend to do towards let’s say uk accounts as vb is quite prevalent in those regions.

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To some extent, this may be true. But your stakes and profits will automatically give you away. Stakes of $25 - $30, or a turnover of $5000 would raise red flags, for a third world country like Nigeria where the minimum wage is around $66. Nevertheless, I will be more than satisfied, if I make a $1000 profit before an account is gubbed.

Lol it isn’t rocket science, sure they might consider this before clicking the gub button but it’s safe to say regardless of where you’re from, depositing large into a new account will raise flags, i made quite some money from 365 before i got gubbed hence my reason for saying third world countries such as mine(Nigeria) are at an advantage, btw my accounts from Nigeria avg turnover of 100k+


I got limited on bet365 only after 201 bets and 1,3k turnover :smiley: -27€ profit. Only 5 days of betting. I made almost 150 bets there in just 2 days so maybe thats the reason.

Nope that’s not the reason at all, I’ve once placed 800-1000 bets in 3 days…

I also received an email today that cash out was disabled for me and that I got betting restrictions. I’ve been only doing it for 2 weeks, don’t know why they picked me out. I noticed that 1 soccer match got canceled today and is still unsettled so that could maybe a reason?

Do you have other bet365 accounts used with same ip, device?

Another account limited with 5k return and 200$ profit… changed device and location. But using same wifi. Also today i used 15$ bet credits, does it makes impact?

I would be grateful for any information

I don’t really think what you spend your bet credits on has an impact on your account life, i spend mine on accas.

By 5k return you mean turnover? For bet365 to just hand out $15 bet credits(usually starts from 10 for me as i deposit small and start new accounts with small stakes) to a not so old account means you weren’t staking small and/or deposited big, which was it in your case? Imo, i will say what gave you away is using the same wifi as an account that has been gubbed before or could just be bad luck.

sorry, yes, 5k turnover. Both accounts was quite old. But as i said used on same IP.
I also made about more than 5 deposits (first 300, and others 100 or 50)
All stakes was between 7-15$, mostly 15$

Next account i will try on different IP.

P.S. I remembered that earlier I had a gubbed accounts due to a large bet on the low level leagues. Probably, according to the ip, it is easy them to identificate me…

thanks for the reply, I appreciate that

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