I lost 450e in bitcoin?

at 03.01 sent 450 e in bitcoin to adress i found in 5 dimes cashier. After a day i still havent money on my account. 5dimes customer service told me that the adress i sent was too old and they cannot retrieve money ,so basically i lost it. This same told me wirex bitcoin operator thay they cannot help . Any advise appreciated

You’ve lost it.

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Cant understand why they have an old adress in cashier i copyed

If it’s an address that was really posted on their page, you should demand your bitcoins back. Even if they lost access to the account, they should take responsibility for posting the wrong address.

They are still top-rated on SBR, and I see found recent complaints about this.

they didnt wanna give me back any peny despite fact they admit that adress was from them. Where i can find complaints about 5dimes on sbr? Do you know any gambling commision or any institution who can help me?

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Will do this thanks!