I need tips to make value betting more professional and sustainable

can you help me? At the moment I have been operating on bet365 with multiple accounts, 4 accounts, each one with a new cell phone, new SIM card and everything, and all the accounts had a “warming up” process - as we call it here in Brazil, which would take days , 15 or more, losing money and moving a lot with multiple virtual games, etc… so that I look like an addict, in those first 15 days I don’t make value bets. I only do this “disguise” for bet. However, today bet limited 3 of my 4 accounts (I use all 365, using my friends’ accounts). I suppose she noticed the same stake and bets on these 3 accounts this weekend, correlated the 3 accounts and limited the 3. To alleviate this issue of “correlation” of accounts I will add the following steps to my method:

  • For 4 (or n) Accounts simultaneously:
    – warm up the accounts by moving almost all the money in the account daily, with virtual games, etc.
    – each with 1 chip from a different person (not just chips in my name).
    – 1 account only with handicap football. Another account is football and basketball and the over market. Another 2 with all sports.
    – 1, 0.9, 1.1, 1.05 and 0.85 stake multiplier to vary stakes between accounts.

I would like to know if you have experienced something similar? I imagine you would have some amount of information to give me, I would like to have contact with people who do this in a very professional way. professionally for longer than me, do you know if there is a group or channel with people who do this in a more advanced, sustainable and lasting way?

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How many bets did u place on the 3 accounts before getting limited?

If you have access to an exchange like Betfair, why not back on bet365 and lay on Betfair. The back and lay odds shouldn’t be that far apart. With a close back and lay odds, you shouldn’t be loosing more than $1-$2 for every $20 stake.

Few, 1 account had only started operating for 3 days (but it was an account that was around 5 years old), but with little money moved. I moved money into this account with random bets for approximately 15 days, and it was limited to only 3. I must have made around only 80 bets.
Another account follows similar logic, but I had done this procedure of “warming up” the account and moving more money for more than 20 days, and even so, it was canceled within 5 days. He made around 130 bets.
And another, I had already used it for 10 days in December, with approximately 200 bets and now in January only 5 days, so approximately 140 bets.
All 3 accounts that were operating in value bets recently and had few value bets, I believe they still had wood to burn…
They all had their own device, their own SIM card and everything, location turned off, etc. Probably the bet crossed the stake values vs the same bets.

Fala Jack, beleza?

I am also in Brazil, but just starting out in the warming up/priming/grooming process with several accounts, planning to do that for about 2.5 months before going all in on valuebetting. From what you told, I imagine the major red flag for Bet365 is that there were 3-4 accounts making the exact same bets around the same time. They probably have software that can easily detect something like that, so I would definitely avoid doing that. How that works out for you having multiple Bet365 accounts to use simultaneously going forward, you might want to use each account for 2-3 different sports max. That way you will still be able to get all the markets, but make it harder for Bet365 to connect the different accounts.
I don’t think it’s possible in Brazil to look up someone’s name just by a phone number, so having all the sim cards in your own name shouldn’t be a problem. It’s something I’m planning to do in the future too. Just curious, which provider do you go to? Do you just go to Vivo for example, and ask for the cheapest plan they have?

Hi Vienna? All good? We can exchange tips via Telegram, it would be interesting. Well, I chose to add new sports and it has been tragic, especially in basketball, for a few days now, I have lost something around 5000 BRL in this sport alone, while football has been making a lot of profit, I will continue doing so waiting for basketball to break even, but it’s hard.
About SIM Chips: So far, I simply went to Claro, bought chips in my name and added credit (in the classic prepaid way), you have to pay attention to always get credit options that have bonuses for mobile data (which is what interests us). The process was very simple and easier than I was worried about. Can we speak in Portuguese?