I think Basketball doesn't generate +EV. After 1200 bets only in Basketball. The Yield is still negative

Please spare me the not enough bet this is not 100 bets. This is 1200 bets. Its not a huge data, but I think its still enough to tell a story.

Can we have a EV for basketball alone ? Like the average yield of only basketball of all members

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i would say basketball ev is pretty good.

i stopped takeng any bets on basket, for me is not working

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Basketball definitely has +EV. 1200 bets really isn’t enough to make a conclusion

Thats is avery interesting result. Which bookmakers did you use ?

How do you know tho ? Have you bet enough to make that conclusion ?

well almost 5000 bets, 4x more than you. And i have never had basketball yield negative. I take it as it is, enough proof for me.

Because the bets are +EV. And the CLV is also positive

when i open my database let say we bet on basket unibet/bet 365
recom leagues
last year 5.1% 260 points
odds 1.7-3.5 edge 4.2-100 time 24 hours

all leagues 1167 points last year

the question is how long y can bet on all leagues to get limited???