I think i might just be lucky?

Hi all, I’ve been using the service for about 4 months now and I’m currently £9.5k up. I have been limited on a lot of bookmakers however I’ve still been able to make a healthy chunk of change. I’m on my 3rd bet365 account and by far these are the most profitable due to the volume of matches you get. The settings are pretty much as default. I try to keep my stakes below £30 and use bet365 on 4G on my phone.

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Its not something to apologise for :slight_smile:

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Nice results. Can I ask how long and how you have managed to keep your bet365 accounts?

Very nice results!!

How was your starting bank?

I’ve got simular results, 7.2k bets placed in total and also at a 9k € profit atm.

The biggest profit on 1 bookie (before gubbing me) was bet365 with 5K in profit, since then I’ve created 2 more bet365 accounts but for some reason they catch on to me pretty fast eventhough I am using a brand new phone number and only using the 4g on that new sim card.

Right now I am just using the 3 gubbed accounts to place the same bet 3 times. On bigger league I can still place 25€ per bet and on smaller bets I can place around 7-10€ per bet with the 3 accounts combined.

Its the first month that I am trying this and I am already up 500€ in the first week. (could have been pure luck since almost all games have won)

My first account lasted for about 3 months (£80k worth of bets), second only lasted about £10k but I think this was because it was a new account, 3rd is still going strong after a month and a bit.

£1300 was my starting

I think the key point with B365 is account age, glad that you’re still making the gubbed accounts work.

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That is what everyone is saying but my first account where I made 5k on was also a fresh account specialy made for VB

How do you open new bet365 accounts - do you use VPN? Just wondering as it is my 1st but preparing for the worst :smiley:

you can’t use a vpn on bet365, best bet is to get a sim card from a country where bet365 is allowed and only use the 4g from that sim card.

You will still need documents proving you live in that country though so you would need to ask a friend or get creative :wink:

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“Get creative”means…

Just ask a friend :slightly_smiling_face: