i will update my journey every monday

Hey guys.

im new here at his site (Date: 12-09-22)
I will from this week post an update in this thread every monday.
I will show my graph, show my settings and show profit/loss/yield etc.

This will go on for every monday untill i am either bankrupt or banned on every betting site.

This project is for everyone who would like to see how it is to bet with valuebetting consistent every single day, and for anyone who might be in doubt about how long it could take to be in profit.

The settings i used, is a mix from this community. thank you.

First week is done.
See you every monday, for the next many years.

1 week

settings 2


Not Monday yet, but today it is exactly 1 week since i started.

So I thought it would be useful to show what my first week of progress looks like -

See you on Monday

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Hi mate,

Try to place as many bets as possible.

Cheers !

Great! We look forward to your weekly updates. :partying_face: May the profits be with you!

First Monday.
I’m doing okay so far, I think I might be running into little downswing atm, but I’m only at 200 bets, so im not worried.

Trying to make as many bets as possible, but I ain’t got not time in my daytime.

So far so good.

See you next Monday

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reaching a downswing atm. but i will keep going


How are you doing now?