I wonder if I should continue with these parameters. Negative assessment ''Need your advice''

I need your advice because I am lost.
During the trial period I was on the rise I was betting on odds between 1.40 and 2.20 and on values between 4 and 50.
and the time did not exceed 48 hours

Since I became a pro for lack of value and the desire to place a lot of bets. My leads in the negative.
I have been negative for about 3 days.
I never experienced this during trial mode.

I do not know what to do.
If anyone can help me that would be helpful.

2022-03-23 07_53_35-ValueBetting by RebelBetting   80000

I often changed the settings. the minimum value often was 1 from 1 to 50.

I’m confused.
one thing is for sure the first week of my subscription sucks.

I count on your advice to restore my health.

thank you in advance.

I believe that all this is due to my old fictitious bets that I had recorded in my tracker.

I asked for this to be deleted.

here is my bet365 account currently where i am writing to you.

here is my bet365 account currently where i am writing to you.

I often change the time
between 12 hours and 96 hours

all these modifications to find more valuebet

kind of advice will be welcome
help me please


I’m sorry to hear that you’re in a downswing at the moment. It can be hard to face many losses in a row. But please remember that you won’t win every bet you place. You result is completely normal - as you have only placed a few hundred bets. The variance have a big impact on your result.

You need a bigger sample size of bets to reduce the variance. Please read more about why the volume of bets matters.

Try to remember that variance is particularly high when the sample size is small, for instance at the start of your value betting career. The more bets you place, the variance will have far less effect. It’s important to see value betting as a long-term way to profit.

The number of bets, as well as using a staking and max bet strategy, play an important role to reduce variance.

Here are some tips on how to reduce variance when value betting.

And please read this article too.

If you are having a steep downswing this month, and are in negative after 500 placed bets, then please contact support@rebelbetting.com or chat with us on our website and we will offer you the profit guarantee (free time until you profit).

I keep these parameters or I change2022-03-23 11_56_26-ValueBetting by RebelBetting  956666666

anyway, you need at least 1000best to see if your parameters are good, do not change them too often.

how much did you start with

Thanks for the help bro.

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i started with 1000£.

I see you have 200 bets
After I passed 2000-2500 bets I had positive results.