IMPORTANT: Cancellation not processed


Please help. I tried to contact support via chat but haven’t had a response.

I cancelled my ValueBetting product in December, but have just yesterday been charged 79Euro for the service. Upon attempting to log back into my account, I was able to see that I have ‘ValueBetting Starter’ until 26th March 2021.

I didn’t resubscribe and my account clearly shows it hasn’t been used since December.

I need the charge refunded please.


Update to this. Have had a reply from Bryan on live chat. Refusing a refund, despite the fact that I have already cancelled the service.

Now have to contact my bank as will need a new debit card issued so that further payments cannot be taken. Really disappointed as I thought these guys were genuine.

I’m sure if they look at the logs they can see that I haven’t logged into the service since when I asked for it to be cancelled.

We have replied to you via email. Please note that this is not a support channel!

I have seen the reply and am now awaiting a further response.

Ok great. Thanks for getting back to me on this.

This got resolved. Thank you guys.

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