Important! Getting past limitations.


I made just over 8k euro after 3 months value betting. Extremely good results which I of course wants to keep doing.

I got limited to death on bet365 and LeoVegas, which is essentially all of my bets. Let’s say I locate to a new internet every time I’m betting and also get a brand new account (in someone else’s name and credit card info).

Then it should be no problem continuing betting, right? I have someone else’s account, on a new ip Adress. Will this work? I understand that I will get banned again after a while, but if I can make 8k in revenue again I’m all in.

Or do I also need to buy a new computer? Please let me know if you have knowledge about how the bet365 limitation work.

I can’t see a reason it wouldn’t work. Thx.

Damn 8k profit is crazy, here I’m getting limited on bet 365 after only 327 bets

Great results! :metal: There are some good tips in the Community:

I’m in the same boat as you. But for some reason that’s not how it works (or I am doing something wrong)

Made my first bet365 account when I started value betting and I made 5k profit on that account before getting gubbed.

So I thought if I make a new account with a new name, new card, new IP, new cellphone I would be able to make another 5k on that account right?

But for some reason I got limited only after 800 € profit on that account.

3th account same thing, new IP, new card, new cellphone and limited after 1000€

Please update me if you found a way that works for you

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Well. Were you a good customer for them on the first account, a plus customer for them? Then you probably get gubbed slower. And if you start a new account and directly put in 1000 bucks I think that is suspicious.

No that’s the thing, it was also a brand new account I made for Value betting and I also deposited 1K on it first time.

The other 2 accounts I did 500 once and 2 days later another 500 but that didn’t helped

Okay! I will start today going to a cafe and betting on a friends account. I will let you know how it goes.

Did you use incognito mode?

First accounts always last the longest, i don’t know why but that’s just how it is

How can that be if I use another IP, new account which is owned by a real person. That persons credit card. What is it we are missing, it has to be something that bet365 notices that we don’t know…

Because who can say that it is me that bets and not the person that owns the account?

Isn’t that what we all do with when multi accounting?

In the end we’re just left with mere theories and assumptions…

Have you ever tried to register with a broker. I am new to this and at this moment testing in the free trial period.
But I am from Belgium and I am very limited in bookmakers. Currently I only have Unibet, betway, betfirst and Bwin. So I predict I will get limited pretty fast on them.

But I also have an account with betinasia which offers 8 different bookmakers within the same account called BLACK.

But I have no idea if betinasia shows lots of valuebets. One thing I know for sure is that they never limit accounts

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Yeah, but there is a system that the bookies use. It shouldn’t be that hard to find what that system is. By someone who works there or by someone who is good at knowing these stuff.

Consider changing your OS as well. Fingerprinting you is easy for Bet365 otherwise, and it looks like they might.

Fortunately, few bookmakers goes to such lengths.


Hey man, I’m also from Belgium unibet limited me after 500€, bwin and betway alot faster

Added some more tips here (the two last ones), curtsey of @Affe in our Discord server.