Inaccurate Results Tracking

I am concerned that during my first few hundred bets, I have several inaccurate logs of results. I understand that something being voided may be difficult to pick up (in this case the match circumstances had changed after my bet) but in another error, it noted that I won when the team had lost. It was mkers Vs outplayed in eSports. The RB system recorded it as a win when in fact it was a loss.

Does this mean I will have to manually check all settled bets? Does anyone else experience this problem?


I had one two days ago on Israel basketball which seemed to have been corrected the following day.

Oh I really hope they are double checked by RB, instead of us all going through them one by one to confirm. Can anyone confirm that RB checks the results for discrepancies? It’ll take me all day to check mine as immdoing about 80 bets a day, but on mobile which makes it difficult to cross check quickly.

IMHO every bet needs to be checked for accuracy at the bookmaker or Rebel