Incorrect bets on Pro Version

This has happened a lot but usually I ignore and snooze the bet. However I am losing a bit of patience now so I’ll post on here for Rebel Betting to look in to. Quite frequently I will get a suggested bet, in this case it is 5.3% value. Odds of 1.50 on Always Ready to win with Bet 365. I go to bet it at Bet365 and the odds there are 1.70!

This happens daily at the moment. Wouldn’t be too much of an issue but I am convinced (like other people are) that the release of the pro version has caused negative results, mine have dipped the last 4-6 weeks since the pro version was announced. This issue has only been happening since I’ve upgraded to the pro version, never happened on the old version.


It’s for draw-no-bet (+0 handicap). If it’s 3-way, it’ll say “1x2” instead of “win”.

Is it!!! That’s not very clear…

OMG, you are right!
I was messaging then, and they were trying to explain to me, this exact problem of DNB-AH 0.0… I was worried about the tracker getting the info wrongly.
You seem right, gonna check next time.
Anyway, it would be better, to avoid this confusion, to put DNB, AH 0.0 instead of “win”.

Agreed. I understand the confusion. We will try to fix this.

Can you please give us an update here once this has been changed? Thanks!