Informazioni per alcuni scontante ma non per me

ciao ragazzi, sono nuovo.
vorrei sapere se mi consigliate dei setting adatti da impostare.
inoltre posso fare le value solo con Bet365? o è troppo riduttivo?
ultima cosa: mi consigliate di giocare tutte le value a disposizione? (anche quelle con value al 2,5% o sotto?)
grazie mille

tu parli Inglese o solo Italiano?

Italiano, ma capisco l’inglese ahahha

Va bene. Scrivi tue domande in Inglese.

I would like to know if you recommend suitable settings to set.
also can I do the values ​​only with Bet365??
last thing: do you advise me to play all the available values? (even those with a value of 2.5% or below?)

It works fine with just B365.
I would not go below 3.5% on the value bets.
If you get enough bets to flip the bankroll, then go with higher value. If required, drop it to get more bets (I never go below 3.7%).
Untick/unselect AFOB (Adjust for open bets).
Reduce Kelly to 20%.
Put in as many bets as you can - his is important! Keep your bankroll updated.
If you are unlucky first weeks and are at a loss, then see if you can top up your bankroll. When you have started to make profit you can increase Kelly to 25 or 30%.
Buona fortuna


che sport mi consigli di non giocare?

e dove trovo AFOB? non riesco a trovarlo

Please keep it in English.

AFOB → "Adjust For Open Bets"

There are different opinions what sports to play on. Up until now I played on everything. Now I have stopped playing on Basketball, Baseball, American F. and Rugby.
I found them to be distracting when many bets have to be placed quickly. Also and they are on a negative yield, particularly Basketball. Other members have great results on all sports.
Good luck

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