Insane ROI% in only 6 days

First screenshot is from another RB account with only free trail.
About 40% combined ROI in 6 days :open_mouth:


That is great. Please remember this feeling and keep up the spirit when the downswing comes.


Well spoken

Great advice Totrashbin1! we know the feelings well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: only playing with money that can be lost.

Still seeing strong results after a good weekend:

Do you have you max stake set at 1 or 1.5%?

My max stake is 1.5% since I don’t mind big swings :slight_smile:

Lol😅cos you haven’t gone on one, you just started. Everyone minds big swings

That is why your flat yield is better than your yield.

I have used RB 6 days now and 500 bets. Im still -5% yield. How is this even possible that you started about same time and you have 7% yield? And same amount of bets? I have pretty normal options.

Because he’s staking 1.5%? Or what?

Yes, it is most likely the most contributing factor.

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Probably the best advice on this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You have to realize that it’s not because you use the same software that you place the same bets :wink: Just imagine you live in different time zones for example: it’s extremely likely that you placed totally different bets. Hence it’s totally likely that you are not (YET) profiting and he is profiting. With all due respect, I advice to really dig deeper into the theory behind value bettings and variance to make sure you understnd how your money is invested :wink:


Yeah im also using the kelly staking on 30%

Yea i know how value betting works and i am sure that i will make profit in long term but im still confused IF Nilaus use also bet365 because i have done almost 100 bets per day and i think we have to have a lot same bets

Yeah but your answer is probably already answering your question. What if he’s made only 50 bets per day. Then you get a delta of 50 different bets already. Anything can happen, you are in another dimension of variance because your sample is significantly different.

About 50% is bet365

Impressive results :open_mouth:

After 14 days at 140% ROI. My unibet has been limited which was about 25% of my bets :frowning: