Investment from France possible?

Hello everyone !

I live in France. Our bookmakers propose small odds in France compared to their proposals for other countries. Moreover, they propose only “professional” sports to avoid bet on corrupt matches. Briefly, it is because of our regulation.

I saw that RebelBetting propose Unibet(.fr), Betclic(.fr), Bwin(.fr) available in France. I subscribed today to benefit from value bet pro…
However, the odds/matches are relative to Unibet(.com), Betclic(.com), Bwin(.com). I cannot bet on them.

So to be able to bet, I must find a broker to benefit from other bookmakers. It seems that I can only benefit from Asianconnect from France. From the site, there are no many odds if I have only Asianconnect I saw… Moreover, it will get me access to sharp bookmakers. I imagine that it would not be profitable.

Could you advise me, please ? Must I quit RebelBetting or can I make investment somehow ?

Thanks in advance


It’s me again,

I cannot make investment because the tool does not operate with bookmakers located in France.

Please, could I get my money back, i.e. 179€ for value betting pro subscription ?

Don’t the French bookmakers have a SEARCH function so you can manually place bets on their site. You don’t need the Rebelbetting tool to automatically work with the French sites.

Thank you very much for your reply. You are the only one.

However, it doesn’t help me. It is not a matter of placing the bets manually or automatically.

The issue is that I don’t have odds to bet on. In the list of bookmakers proposed by RebelBetting on their spreadsheet, some French bookmakers are on: Unibet(.fr), Betclic(.fr). In the facts, the software does not feed me from Unibet(.fr) and Betclic(.fr) odds but from Unibet(.com) and Betclic(.com) odds. And I tried to change the domain in the tool, it does nothing.

I cannot subscribe outside the French bookmakers because of are strict regulations in France. So my result is 0 bet placed + value betting subscription = money lost. No way to get my money back according to RebelBetting.

*Odds are different between bookmaker(.fr) and bookmaker(.com). In France, Betclic & Unibet proposes odds with more margin than in out of France. Roughly, it is because they must pay more fees in France.

Hello @BetRaph

I had the same issue as a French resident. I ask the support for refund and they refuse it.

I hope you will have a better result with your legitimate request.

I’m from France too. Can’t you just use a VPN to subscribe to bookmakers elsewhere ?