Is AH(+1) on surebet system the same as Alternative AH +0.5, +1 on B365?

I can’t see AH(+1) anywhere on B365 but it is on the surebet system. The only offer for that team is AH(-0.5) so is it referring to the alternative AH market? If so, is the correct one Alternative AH +0.5, +1? If not, where will I find the AH(+1)?

No, AH +1.0 is completely different than AH +0.5, +1.0 (also known as +0.75)

On Bet365 AH +1.0 can be found on Asin Lines → Alternative Asian Handicap. Sometimes bookmakers close/hide specific odds and markets, especially if there is arbitrage occuring.

The following table shows the most used Asian handicap lines in soccer and their outcomes depending on the team result:


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OK, thanks for this. The sure bet system is saying to bet on AH(+1) and then lay it on the exchange but the only option available on B365 is Alternative Asian handicap for “+0.5, +1.0”. Should I select that or not?

No, don’t select that.

If there is no AH +1.0 available on Bet365, you can’t have an arbitrage bet by placing a Lay bet on AH +1.0.

AH +0.5, +1.0 means that if your team loses by 1 goal, you lose half of your stake. AH +1.0 means that if your team loses by 1 goal, your stake gets refunded. They are a completely different bet.

OK thanks for this. Unfortunately this seems to happen often with the sure betting system - the bets just aren’t available when I go to the website and the system doesn’t update to reflect this.