Is anyone having a bad week?

Is anyone else having a bad week?

During the initial two week trail things went great (as you can see by the chart)

(of course) after signing up for 12 months of a pro subscription I have had a big dip, the top was £100 profit and I’m now at -£20 so a very big swing down.

In order to keep my accounts healthy I have only been betting on tennis/football with two of the main bookies and all other sports with bet brokers/exchanges

How has everyone else’s week been?

(admin please feel free to not approve my last post, I clicked ‘ok’ too quickly)

Nothing to worry about there. Still very early days so you will soon get that back up. All about volume, so just keep betting :slight_smile:

I would recommend to get a few more soft bookies in the mix if you can. From what I’ve read, the exchanges are a bit harder to get value from and people usually gravitate to those once their softs are limited.