Is Arb Betting worth my time?

I’ve recently just started arbitrage betting and I’m seeing slow profits yet nothing major yet, does anyone have any tips?

handbet is very limited.
Value betting or value trading is hopeful.
I think.

Arbitrage is all about slow profits, don’t expect 1 bet to come along that will make your time spent worthwhile.

  1. Set a realistic daily goal that you’ll be satisfied with.

  2. Be smart with where you deposit your money, recognize which sites often brings opportunities and make sure you have enough funds on those sites so you can act fast.

Also read the Arbitrage boot camp, alot of valuable information that you should know by heart in there if you want to succesfully arbitrage. You can find it by looking at the connected window that pops up beside the RB programme when launched.

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Thanks, I’m going to start researching more into it. Do you know of any sites that could help with learning more about arbitrage betting.

The rebelbetting arbitrage boot camp is the most comprehensive source on arbitrage betting I’ve found.

Also every country will have different conditions for arbitrage betting since some countries have exclusive bookmakers, and leagues that are geo-locked to that specific region. So to learn best I’d recommend just monitoring the program and see what shows up, maybe play around abit with the filters.

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