Is asian handicap not as profitable as the other odds types?

After around a month of using RB pro i’ve seen a huge profit doubling my bankroll, even with a slow start. However asian handicap is still barely breaking even, despite being my most used odds type having the turnover of all the other types combined. I wouldn’t call myself unlucky at all since I’m still in a huge profit, but just feel a bit confused about what to do since it’s my most used odds type and disabling it would have me get severely less bets in throughout the day. I hope it’s just variance but after 1333 it feels like it will never go above barely breaking even.


803 bets is not as many as you think it is. It’s simply variance, Asian handicap makes up a lot of my profits. Just keep betting.

Place more bets and chill, Asian Handicaps are the most profitable line to bet on