Is Betway very sharp on Tennis?

Hi Value Betting Administors,
I generally have good results on Tennis. Bet365 is very good on Tennis, having a lot of value bets. But, I have very bad results on Tennis with Betway. I lost many bets on Tennis with Betway alone. Betway sponsored a lot of Tennis Tournament and maybe they are very sharp on Tennis? I just want to confirm from your big data that, Tennis on Betway is still profitable. Thank you!

betway tennis is -EV

Hi Vanleej2012
Thank you for your prompt reply! Your input is very valuable! I figured the same thing about Tennis on Betway. What about other sports on Betway? I just had a win bet on Soccer with Betway. But, I still have butterflies in my stomach (fears) towards Betway! I lost a lot of money with Betway (Tennis).

betway only soccer…so far i saw…

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How successful is your bet now at Betway?

Sorry for the late reply! I am successful at Bet365, Williamhill, and Unibet Kambi platform; however, I am not successful at Betway, esp. in Tennis. I am still studying the algorithm of it at Betway. If Betway sets a higher (or highest odds) above an up-flowing trend odds, it’s actually negative EV and it’s likely to be a lost bet. If only Betway sets an alone odds above there against a down-flowing trend, then it’s more likely it wil be a won bet (but not statistically more than 55% likely yet in my data).
I am not successful at 5 dimes either. I have difficulties at Betway and 5 Dimes. I am still studying and trying. My assumption is that, they are sharper than others.

betvictor seems very good profit on everything

Betvictor used to be very good. Now it becomes sharper! I lost a lot on basketball and soccer. Maybe its AM football is good.

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Betway has real +EV wagers on soccer. I don’t see enough real +EV chances on other sports on Betway. And it will limit you very quickly if you find their +EV bets on soccer. For real +EV, I mean solid ones that really beat CLV (Closing Line Value) and have tangible chances to win; for, there are false +EV wagers which would turn negative before match starts or they are sharper odds anyway.