Is it just me?... (value betting)

Is it just me or have the bets over the last 2 weeks not produced much? I seem to have been bouncing around the same number for what seems like forever (ie balance doesn’t seem to be moving much). Seems like a lot of work for little reward at the moment.

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+1 - actually, the last 6 weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for me

true, the same for me

I have lost two thousand in the last few weeks

Share your settings please

I’m only currently using low stakes as I’m quite new but it looks as though I won’t even cover the subscription fee. Everyone say’s “believe in the Math” but can anyone point me in the direction of the actual ‘Math’ being used?

Sorry to hear you had a rough start. How many bets have you placed? Please note that we offer a profit guarantee, as we know our products work. Just trust the process. I’ll happily offer you a free month if you don’t make any profit the first month.

Can you also please explain what the value %age refers to?

Hi Hanna, I’ve placed 1567 bets so far, settings are shown above. Your profit guarantee unfortunately doesn’t take subscription fees into consideration so for some starting low like me it’s possible that I’ll quit. I obviously want to be in profit but for a user this would only be after their subscription fee is covered. It would be great if this was part of the guarantee as the current text is quite misleading as profit would only ever be after all costs are taken into consideration (like in any situation).

On Sunday 22/05 I had a profit of + 3,600 €, on Monday I dropped to + 3,000 €, on Wednesday I recovered to + 3,500 €, today (Friday) I dropped to + 2,800 €.
Bad week, the worst since I started in March.
Can anyone who has been playing for at least a year tell me if it’s worth continuing to play during the summer or if it’s better to stop and start again in September?

Can you also please explain what the value %age refers to?

I agree that the subscription fee should be lower. They have a summer sale ongoing right now so that is a chance to get the monthly cost down. I also agree with the fact when calculating the ROI one must take the running cost of the RB fee into the calculation!
However, in your case, you are doing well. You have doubled your bankroll! Most people starting out do not manage to do that. Of course if your initail bankroll is small then sure, it will be a lot of mouse clicks for little profit. As far as I can see your max stake is 3.7£. Imagine where you would have been if your bankroll would have been 1000£ initially… you would be at 2k£.
For the “math” behind it there are planty of Youtube videos that explains the concept and math behind Positive Expected Value Betting (+EV).

Hi, I like to prove something works for myself before ploughing £1,000’s into an idea (as should any sain person) so this isn’t really relevant. I will always start low with any venture until it has proven itself. So far this hasn’t really done that (EV or not) as I have been bouncing around the same amount for far too long now (as would be case no matter whether your balance is £100 or £10,000).

If most people starting out don’t usually double their bankroll then doesn’t this statement in itself show that it might not be worthwhile?

I do think that from a logical point of view the guarantee should take into acc the subscription fee, I’m a Management Accountant and I would never calculate profit without taking into account all costs.

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