Is it really a sure bet?

Im doing a bit of work on surebet, again a great platform, ive found a couple of things that can’t be surebets. Namely win home and win away on soccer events, without covering the draw. Am i missing something?

Yes it is. Win(moneyline) is a 2-way bet (no draw option). If you have placed money on a Win bet, and the match ends in a draw, your Win bet will be refunded.

And here you can read more about different bet types : Different bet types and their meaning - Value betting, Sure betting and Matched betting by RebelBetting

Thanks Hanna, i popped you an email about this. It should be made clear in 3-way sports such as soccer that “Win” is actually “DNB”. The code “Win” is used for 3 situations as far as i can see:

  1. Win = a horse winning a race
  2. Win = an American Football team winning the Moneyline
  3. Win = a Soccer team winning a Draw no Bet (DNB) or AH0

To confuse things further “1X2” is to win in a standard 3-way situation.

Moneyline and DNB should be clearly coded as such. It helps to find similar bets on other bookies that you don’t have access to on RB and would therefore allow us to keep subscriptions longer. I also think that poor referencing is responsible for errors and mistakes in the data that then needs correcting.


Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you. I´ll forward this to the team and we´ll see what we can do to improve this.


No worries, always happy to feedback. Thank you for passing on.