Is it safe to open another bet365 account after getting limited?

Got limited after using bet365 for a month and a half, made a pretty good profit and want to continue but I don’t like the other bookies as much. Was wondering if anyone had tried to open another account and their experience with it. If I do go through with it, I plan to open a new one in my dads name which I imagine would be a little more risky since I still live at home and stuff. Would also like to know if anyone had suggestions for other bookies, that are available in Denmark besides unibet.
My profit if anyone is interested

Hi, I got limited at Bet365 as well. I have same questions as yours. Are there any friends here who could help us?

Well, if you would have to make a new account you would have to verify your identity again and with the same one you clearly can’t do that. So only options are using your relatives accounts or friends.
Remember to delete all cookies from the pc and by chance use another pc or device to make bets on. All i can say :+1:

I’m also playing from denmark. I’ve also been playing,, Leovegas, Comeon and Danske Spil.
They dont have as many bets, but i wager around 20~ bets a day on them all combined.