Is someone using only sharp bookies successfully?

im relativly new but have already been limited on several sites, i cba putting several hours infront of the computer to be limited before i even make it to break even paying for this software, to then find a new friend to create an account and repeat it until its about break even and i get limited again. Too wasteful of my time and money.

Is there someone here only using sharps, to avoid the limitation (i understand that they welcome professional bettors and wont limit you?) and is doing so with success and profit?

Else im afraid i have to cancel this, even if i would like to make it happen.

HI! The things is with sharps there’s only a few value bets that will pop up and the value disappears very quickly. I’m still new as well. With the 3 days I am with value betting I saw only 5 opportunities in BetinAsia that I managed to get in on

What about using sharp bookies for surebetting?