Is there any explanation for the past 6 weeks of poor results?

I can’t complain about my results with Value Betting, I am up around £9K.

However, the last 6 weeks have been so poor in contrast to the first two months of Value Betting. You can see that the last 6 weeks have really just been flat. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can’t help but think it’s something to do with the implementation of VB Pro. Seems to be a lot of weird bets coming up and lots of threads on here with people mentioning similar problems.

Rebel Betting, what do you say, has something changed the last 6 weeks or is it just variance that my results have been flat the last 6 weeks?


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I only joined within this timeframe, but it’s also going sideways/down for me (1000 bets in). On the member results page you can see that there is still some profit, but it is definitely less than the months before. Even though the number of bets is larger than ever. (talking about November. Looking forward to the December results). I understood from RB that >80% of users are making a profit still. But around here in the forums, there is definitely an overproportionate amount of people who are losing money.
Someone said that the trademate-folks are experiencing the same side/downswing, which would point it to being variance imo.
I’ll stick with it for some time I guess and see if it improves…

Thanks for the info GoingForGold!

Would be interesting to see what RB say about this. Like you say, will be interesting to see the December results.

I should think myself lucky I am going sideways and not losing money but its frustrating and I’m sure my last account (Bet365) will soon be restricted. I’d like to try and make some more profit before they do restrict me!

It is really hard to say anything because we have not all the data, I mean, how is the “METHOD”, it their proprietary code and business.
BUT, I will offer my 2 cents, because I dropped a LOT since last october week till mid december.
My tide changed for me because I acted.
What I did: I had a lot of bookies, maybe 12… with the report, I tried to pinpoint which ones were profiting, wich ones were a disaster.
So I stopped betting in the disaster ones, even having money there.
I am here since april, I think.
My best result till october last week was ROI 959%, then I dropped and dropped and got close to be less than 800%… Now I am more than 1k% ROI, as you can see below.
SO, VB is a powerful tool, but we can interfere and tweak in our favor.
(And I know they are trying to improve some data to be pratically am automatic moneymaker)


Sure, out of my report:

1.150 bets since december 17.

I just don´t know, man…
IF you subscribe and got better results than here, I will be glad for you.
(and, please, let me know :smiley: )
But I am staying here because I don´t bite the person that feeded me (with money) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Man, one thing I can say: 1 bookie is a recipe to fail. Unless you can get 30 bets at least for day in it.
This soft works with lots and lots of bets. So you should try to have at least 4 or 5 that offers DIFFERENT BETS, this is important.
IF you have 5 bookies that offers the same bets, it´s useless.
One way to get what bookies in your country that offer different bet is: Add some bookies, even if you don´t have account in there, just to see if more bets appears.
It was my strategy when I got here… So, to me, a brazilian that cannot use european bookies, I noticed that 365, 10bet, 888, sportingbet, betsson were the best for me.
Try the same, checking BEFORE what bookies you can have access… if you see a lot of soft value bets from a bookie you don´t have access, it is useless!

The problem is most of us are limited to 1 or 2 bookmakers. I have had all the other accounts closed. You’ve done very well to get to 18,000 bets ans still have many accounts open. I’m predominantly using Bet 365. In profit with them long terms but just going sideways (and slightly downhill) the last 6 weeks.

Y only get limited for the amount of bets
I believe next week my yield Will BE negative
-260 points from the EV line
Nothing tô do with valuebetting
Y can bet blindly everything it is the same
Odds arround it is almost the same


I had no idea the limited problem was so strong. I´ve got 5 or 6 limited or even blocled forever, but some are ok since the start.

it says a lot…

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I just checked the stats and obviously something happened to the tool. September 154 659 profit, October 228 239 profit, November (Start of the problem imo) 166 219 and this month just 15 543 from 177 113 bets. So whatever the number of users with profit is, I don’t believe its 80%,
ROI also decreased a lot

Number of bets at the high

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Man, one thing I can say: 1 bookie is a recipe to fail. Unless you can get 30 bets at least for day in it.
This soft works with lots and lots of bets. So you should try to have at least 4 or 5 that offers DIFFERENT BETS, this is important.
IF you have 5 bookies that offers the same bets, it´s useless.

I don’t agree with this. A lot of bookies only do semi-restrictions, so being able to bet multiple times on good value bets by using different sites can be an effective way to (at least somewhat) bypass restrictions.

Well I think those results show the problem. Can’t just be down to variance when there has been 177113 bets throughout December. There has got to have been some change to the software. I’m hoping Rebel Betting will comment on these results.

Yes, this is possble, indeed. I did this sometime ago with 888 and LeoVegas, they are mirror sites.
I was tryng to simplify and make a point of how important is to do a lot of bets, even if they are the same.

Yes, this data seems to show the truth, something is weird around…
(Even if my personal data is better)

First, I was thinking that variance would hit every user the same, because we all get the same bets. i.e. if the sharp (Pinnacle, Betfair, or whoever it is) “changes” the probability, it is likely that the game/bet pops up for many bookmakers. So if one is unlucky, all are unlucky.
But on the other hand, all those bets are on many many different games, sports, … so I guess the size of the downturn is very unlikely to be caused only by variance.


Anyone else seen that the results for December have changed on the site?

Picture above from GoingForGold show 15k profit, this was also what it was showing on mine. However now the website shows 85k profit…

This is just 1000 bets, and most of them on a single bookmaker. I’ve made a few posts about variance here, but the best summary is on the homepage: expected value and variance.