Is there are specific good time to start?

Hello, i want to start with ValueBetting. I have 500€ to start with, but currently i am in a spot, where it would hurt me a little to loose this 500€ It wouldnt be the end of the world, but still i would not want to loose this amount at the moment. I know, that in 4-5 months i will have more money saved and where 500€ loss would be easy to recover for me. Now i am thinking, that maybe i am missing out on a huge start right now and in 4-5 months Value Betting wont be as good as it is now. Does anyone have experience with this? Have you had better times during winter, during summer? I would start at March/April. I know Value Betting is meant for long term profit, but i still have this feeling of missing out on something huge and that i should start now and risk the 500€, because i am scared that in March 2024 times will be different. Maybe until then the bookies found better ways in avoidng Value Bets?.. i am happy for some replies

Never gamble with money you aren’t happy to lose.

Although this isn’t gambling, to woodrow190’s point, you shouldn’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. As to timing, soccer plays a big role in the volume of bets you can place and most European leagues run Sept-June. If you started in March/April you’d be catching the last couple of months of those leagues then it will go quiet for a bit. That can be a bit frustrating if you are just starting out.

Hi O, have u thought about starting with arbitrage in the mean time? Fairly easy and riskfree way to increase ur bank until u feel ready. :slight_smile:

All the best!

Hey man, i havent done value betting ever. Just read about how it works etc. But when i think about it, isnt it better to do two way bets only? I dont like football betting cause its three way. Sure the odds are higher due to it being three way, but there is higher chance of loosing. Whats youre experience with this?

Hey, no not yet, because i am still waiting to get money i dont mind loosing. Because i dont really see it riskfree. Lets say, i do arbitarge betting and bet on two different bookies. What if one of the bookies cancels the bet? What if the odds change last second? Worst case really is one of the bets being canceld… i then have to hope for the other bet to win or else i loose the money. Isnt that right? Also because of this risk i thought about doing value bets only, because here i see a big chance in winnig in long term. What do you think? :slight_smile:

Yes that is a risk with arbing/sure betting. You also need pretty big stakes to turn a decent profit you need no limits on the soft and liquidity on the exchange side. There are some very experienced sure bettors on here and the RB Discord who can offer more specific advice on how to avoid these situations.

Value betting in this system isn’t a bout picking winners or losers. It’s about betting at odds that are better than the truest probability of the outcome so that overtime you are consistently profitable. You will lose nearly half your bets in this system :slight_smile:

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Even with the small chance that the issues that you mentioned could occur, it is safer to build initial bakroll with sure betting but the drawback is that you must finance at least two accounts.

Hey amig0, sorry for late reply. Here is my experience:

  • " What if one of the bookies cancels the bet?"
    This happens when u are greedy and pick bets where you know they have done a mistake ie the arb is too high. You can easily see what the others are offering and can differantiate between an opportunity and a mistake. I also stay away from dodgy bookies… :slight_smile:

  • "What if the odds change last second? "
    Stay away from volatile arbs since they change so fast. There are so many arbs out there so no need to risk it. But at the end of the day u have to able to handle situations when they arise and some times u have to take a small loss on a bet to compensate. doesnt happen often but it happens.

The biggest issue of arbing (except being banned by the bookies) is the money management, specially if u start with a small bank.

Best of luck!

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