Is this only happens to me?

hello everyone… i have a question to do, when a value bet appears to you and its the same match but with different bet like:
1: 1x2 ( … vs … )
2. AH+0.5 ( … vs … )
3.Under 2 ( … vs … )
do i have to value bet all of them ? because when u place the first one with the more value ,the other dissapear…does this also happen to you?

Yes, i think you can change the settings so they don’t disappear. However, i dont think you can bet conflicting bets with the same bookie (if they do conflict). Also, not sure if loading one event is a good idea from a probability/variance point of view. Certainly multiple outcomes can be true in one event, but they are nof mutually exclusive. So value at U4.5, U3.5 and U2.5 can all be true, but you may as well just bet bigger on U4.5, right? I’m sure that there is a very good reason from the RB team… otherwise we’d all clean up on one sh*tty little league 14 game of 5-a-side football from Bulgaria that has been miss priced and be done with it.

i only play same match if the values are differ.Like in basket i bet over 156.5 and +12.5 hc
or in soccer over 3.5 and -1.5hc but not same stuff like u 4,5 and u3.5 …