Is what I am attempting sustainable?

Good day all,

I have no soft bookmaker accounts left because of casino bonus bagging, matched betting and horse racing value betting (soft bookmakers are scared of horseracing more than any other sport).

So I am attempting to make Rebel Betting work by getting bets matched in-play at the pre-match value prices.

The positive side of this is that I don’t have to get on quickly before value disappears with soft bookmakers. The negative side is that 100% of the bets that are on destined to lose will match, whereas not all winning bets will match. This is where a long-term profitability problem may lie.

I am beginning my fourth day with RB today and my present profit level is statistically insignificant. It is around -£140 after 200 bets.

However over the past three days, I have had over a dozen winning lapsed bets that failed to match in-play. Had these been matched, I would probably now be in profit.

The -£120 is insignificant but could the number of unmatched winning bets be an early red flag?

There is a chance that I have been too greedy with the value and I have overreached. I have tried to add Betfair’s 2% commission to the value price and locate where most of the unmatched in the market is and place my bets there.

Have the owners of RB looked into this to help people value bet long after their last soft bookmaker accounts were restricted?