Isn't Variation A Beautiful Thing!

Started strong, steady decline then bang!

Weird lol

I have changed what i do in last couple of days which may have had an effect, time will tell.

Basically, any non fav, close match i will do £5, any reasonable fav i will do £10 and hot fav £20. May just be coincidental, but the up swing has happened since i started it, as i say, time will tell.


So… based on a few days positive variance you conclude… what exactly? I thought you were going to cancel your subscription?

I don’t conclude anything and if you read what i typed you would know that!


As for variation, it’s normal. For me, it looks like this for 1W at the moment. Without changing anything. I see more and more in the community that people are experimenting and it seems to me premature as if they want a smooth ride to the top, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Anyway @paulwilko10, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely… Again; are you going to cancel your subscription?

Who knows where the software will be when my sub ends.

Well. Good luck!