Issue with 888Sports link

Hi everyone, first of all a big thanks for Simon, Lars and all the RB team, i think the program is amazing. I am a really newbie here, only 10 days using RB, only 250 bets and a yield of 18,76%, i am clear that is imposibble to have that yield in the future, but if i could have 10% at 1000 bets and 5% in 5000 bets i would be very glad. Well, about the topic, the last 10 days when i push “bet” at an alert of 888Sports the link goes perfectly to the the match, since today in the morning only go to the main page. Anyone having the same issues with them?

Thanks in advance.



There was an update on 888sport lately. Do u see search option anymore there ? Since yeasterday i have to find all match manually.

I can´t see anymore the search option and also i can´t see some asian handicaps like always.

No search, indeed!
They must be doing this to prevent fast bettors.

The site is a MESS.
I´ve got into hockey matches, that I bet for fun without the soft, and every match is going to a 404 not found page.

They changed the layout and it is not working properly.

Thanks for the anwer. Anyway I saw that his clone Unibet it´s working fine.

LeoVegas is a clone too.

888 seems now… another kind of bookie.
Not only in design, but some bet options missing… as they “revamped” everything to block some bettors :stuck_out_tongue:

I contact RB support if they could do something, I suposse they will answer something these days. By the way, many thanks for all your previous post Enky, I learn a lot there :wink:


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Funny thing.
I always try to see what bookies are clones or use the same ODDS method.
Something happened to 888, for sure.
One example is: they don´t offer AH based on .25 or .75 anymore.
I thought they changed their method, but no clue about it… till today.
I got in their “build your bet” just now and… the layout is EXACTLY THE SAME AS DAFABET.
So, maybe the devs can see something about it… 888 and Dafabet mirroing odds systems.