Issue with Draw No Bet bet proposals

Hello guys,

This one is mainly addressed to the Admins (@Simon @Hanna ). But maybe others can also confirm if they witnessed that too. Here is the issue:
I noticed some of the Draw No Bets proposal were shown as “1 X 2 Winner” bet. So for ex below screenshot suggests that you should take Canberra for anything above 2.63, while this is actually the Draw No Bet odd ! So it can be extremely misleading (if purely looking at Rebelbetting, right now I would pick “Canberra wins the game” with an odd of 3, but it’s not a value bet in reality).

I know i’ve seen it multiple time, but I am not sure for which bookie, so I cannot tell if it’s generic or specific to one (set of) bookie.

Let me know if I missed something :wink:
Hope this helps !

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the example in your screenshot is a Draw No Bet on Canberra United.
That is how RB shows those bets. I agree that it could be more clear though…
The three way market is shown as 1X2.

OK thanks indeed I noticed the following thanks to your feedback:

  • “win” below indicates its a DNB
  • “1x2” below indicates its a winner pick (you lose money in case of a draw)

So it’s showing properly according to that nomenclature, but still I find it quite confusing. So this post becomes a suggestion to write it down in a clearer view :wink: