It gets better, doesn't it...?

This is my second day of Value Betting (it wasn’t what I meant to sign up to, but I’m here now and paid for one month, so…:confused:) and I’m starting to worry.
Now placed 77 bets, £300 exactly, with 27 bets still unsettled, and currently sitting on minus £21.66 :confused:
Seems like a lot of work for potentially little, if any return.
Actually thought I was signing upto the smaller bank sure betting part of the site, so my bad.
Please tell me it gets better?

What is your settings? Like odds, value percentage and time before the game.

Use my setting 4% to 16%

Odds between 1.6 2.1(2.2 if edge is like 10 or more %)

And play only on games that start before 3 hours.

These settings help you reduce the variance Significantly and you are basically taking less risk.

Hi! Please email and I’ll assist. If you bought the wrong subscription by mistake I will help you, so you get the correct one instead.


Hi. I only started with a bank of £500, so I’m trying to be a bit cautious.
My odds are set at 1.5 - 2.75
Stake size - 30%
Max stake - 1%
Value settings are 1.5 - 8
What’s your thoughts on those setting?

Hi Hanna. Thanks for the offer of help.
As much as it wasn’t my initial intention to join value betting, I’m here now, and after a few more days I’ve seen an upturn in fortunes.
Now sitting on £32.31 profit after 144 placed bets, so I’ll just see out the rest of my monthly subscription and see how it goes.
I decided to drop baseball and basketball from my options, as I literally won nothing from those bets, and lost plenty.
Don’t know if that will make much of a difference in the long run, as it mostly comes down to quantity of bets, but I’ll wait and see.

Has anyone else dropped certain sports from their options?
Cheers, Oz

Ok, great. :slight_smile: Let me know if you change your mind.

However, please note that value betting is about volume. I suggest you stick with the recommended settings and don’t make any conclusions and change betting strategy so early on. You have only placed 144 bets, and you’ll need a lot more bets to know if your strategy is profitable or just lucky.

Thanks Hanna.
What should the settings be for a starting bank of £500?

Keep the odds between 1.6 to 2.1 and value settings from 3 to 15.

Also time for the game to start less than 3 hours


Thanks for the info mate :+1: