I've been restricted by marathonbet

I’ve been restricted by marathonbet.
I just made 600 bets and now limit my maximum bet to 1.67

what was your profit ?
how much money did you bet in total ?

My profit is 200 RMB and I have a total of 600 bets, I have applied to suspend my rebelbetting account to see if it can be reinstated in a month.

200 RMB = 25€ ?
I am asking you about your total money you betted … did you bet 20 000 RMB in total ?
how many months do you bet ? 1 ? 2 ? 5 ?

I am not betting on marathonbet … I was using only bet365 and unibet

I have bet about 1 month including marathonbet, bet365, 188bet, bet 11 000 RMB in total and I don’t know why it limits my bets.

you bet only 11000 RMB in total, so that is in average 18 RMB on bet … that’s nothing
your membership cost 69€ ? (550 RMB)

it happens almost on every booking site, that after 1-2 months, they will limit you … some people are limited after 3 … 5 … 10 months … I do not know why

I did apply for a free trial during COVID-19.

Those clowns limited me after 20 bets. Not worth your time!

My wife’s marathon account was limited after 1 bet. It was a winning bet on a horse at 20/1. They were quite clear that they did not want her business after that.