Just signed up, first week's results

Hi everyone, I’ve just joined and I’m very impressed so far. I’ve left all my settings on default, and just taken whatever bets pop up (mainly from bet365) and I’m over £100 in profit so far.

Now obviously, I’m expecting a downswing at any point as my profit seems way higher than normal and I’ve only done 90 bets. But anyway, here’s a bit about how I started doing this.

I came into this after doing matched betting, which a lot of you probably did. The thing with that is, due to being busy with work and other things, I never got time to get into EPs and stuff like that. I started doing more casino, which fitted in better, and I made a bit from it. The problem with that is, I lost a load of my accounts and now I hardly get any casino offers.

So, I started looking for other stuff where you take value. I’d heard about value betting before, but I hadn’t really taken much notice, so I looked into it again. It looked like it needed the same mindset as casino, where you have ups and downs but profit in the long run which I’m already used to. This time though, you just place simple bets and it’s a lot quicker than spinning on a slot, so you can get more on. I used to do £1 spins on the slots to speed them up, so I’m used to the higher variance anyway.

I really didn’t expect the first week to go so well, and my casino mind is expecting a downswing soon. But for now, I’m just casually placing value bets as and when is convenient. I’ve only done 90 so far because I’ve been starting steady while I test it. It also takes time to find the actual bets, especially the AH ones where you have to look all over to find it. I think I’m getting quicker at finding them though as I’m getting to know where they are. I’m also a bit concerned that I’ve suddenly started hammering my bet365 account with weird bets, after it’s sat there for ages doing almost nothing due to the lack of matched betting offers. This is the one I’m most scared of being restricted on, as most of the value bets seem to be on here and I’m a bit cautious about putting 50 a day on it.

Anyway, loving it so far and I think that coming into it after doing casino offers has given me the right mindset to stick with it and cope with the losing days.


Hello there, same situation… i started looking to place value bets but still got no profit. Could you please post your settings? Odds,sports,etc.

There you go, I pretty much left everything as default. I also change my bankroll every day to match what I’ve currently got, this adjusts the staking accordingly.

I started with about 25% yield the first 200 or so bets, it averages out to around 5-6% over a couple of thousand.

Just make sure you mug your b365 account regularly and it should be ok.