Just started. Have I got optimal settings?


Just started my value betting journey. Wanted to show my settings here for feedback on if they are optimal. Would appreciate it. Thanks

I suggest you use default settings if you are new. The default settings are already enabled when you start. They are customized to give you optimal profit, with little risk and a solid stake sizing strategy.

Regarding the time to match start; the default setting is 48 hours. Increase time to match start as high as you can while still maximizing turning per day. Surprisingly there is no correlation between flat profit and time to match start, so you can go ahead and increase the time to match start to get more bets if needed. More bets = more profit!

Thanks for the response @Hanna

Have increased the starting time since Ive not been close to entire bankroll being in play, so that is a great suggestion.


Going well so far thanks