Kambi bookmakers - How to avoid limitation?

Besides Bet365, I think that Kambi is one of the best providers with many daily value bet opportunities. But since starting with value betting about a month ago, I now get limited from every new Kambi bookmaker that I Join almost instantaneously. When this happens I can’t place any stakes higher than $5-$10. As a new value bettor this is very annoying and already limits the amount of bookmakers that I can use.

To avoid getting limited I always search for bets manually, try to round the stake, and look natural - but to no avail. Since I live in Sweden I always have to register with a service called Bank ID, which I guess makes it possible for Kambi to see my footprint and ban me on every new bookmaker I join.

Does anyone else have a similar experience? Any Swedes that’ve managed to get around the limitations on Kambi bookmakers?