Keep losing money (ANY ADVICE?)

Hi all,

I started rebelbetting a week ago, I’ve placed 741 bets (i’m aware your profits should be matching your CLV at a few thousand bets). I started off well, profiting £400 in my first few days, i’ve had a huge down swing and am now at £-179, this keeps getting worse every day.

I’m not sure if i’m incredible unlucky or if there’s something wrong with my settings. Can someone who has been using rebel betting for a long time with sustainable profits please advise on this? I’ve attached my report / settings. Thanks.

I also have a filter for higher value bets for events further away.

I should also add I turned off basketball bets, as I was losing money on them. Is this a mistake?

Settings are fine, just keep on betting.

The hardest part of value betting in the beginning are the downswings, everything looks fine you are doing a good job.

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Yes it is a mistake (a mistake that myself have done in the past). See the poll that we finished end Of April and that shows majority off pollsters betting on BB.
Preferred settings +4% and less than 4h on BB.
Your general settings are good except your max odds are, IMHO, on the low side. Default is 2.90 and you are at 2.50. If you do not like the default then at least bump it up to 2.6 or 2.7.
All-in-all your setting looks good and a really nice amount of bets i one week.
Now, you only need to keep betting and the profit will come.

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OK thanks for the feedback. Will try this and hopefully it improves!

Dont know if this is classed as advice…but you need to get used to losing , or your value betting journey will be brief. Its not easy , but essential you get used to downswings, as well as upswings.

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Yeah I get you mate. I am, I just wanted to know if it was bad luck or a mistake on my part

Your CLV is showing positive so it’s just bad variance. Bet volume is still low, it will even out. Pretty much all the graphs showing big winners have a point with a big downswing, you just hit yours at the start.

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Once you open up the odds range you get even more bets… So keep going, and as the friends here in the community has pointed out, (and it is really good that we put focus on that) is that mental fortitude is required for valuebetting.

Yes i’ve changed the odds and continue to bet. Unfortunately i’m -350 now when my starting bankroll was £1000. Pretty worrying as at this rate I will lose all of it

Please select more bookies like unibet and many more and keep Placing bet. I hope everything will be sorted. If possible make your stake fixed like £5 or £10. I hope it will works. I will post my 3000 bets asap. Hope that will works for you.

Why do you suggest that he should have a fixed stake? I am not saying it is wrong but it is always good to know the reasoning behind the advice.

Thanks for asking me. I think if it is fixed stake then he can easily identify what is his investment is and what is his loss. The way rebelbetting shows the stake size which is as a beginner like me very difficult to understand. At the very Beginning I follow rebelbetting stake and couldn’t figure out loss and profit where my bank roll finish. Than I start with £1 and now £5. As a beginner for me to understand first with little profit and not gubbed my account. When I will be expert than I can go for big Stake. Please correct me if i am saying anything wrong.

Hi, your settings are good imho, keep betting and keep calm, i’ve seen a lot of people got bad variance this spring. If you’re losing money too quickly, low down the amount of the single bet, bad variance can easily “eat” 20-30% of your bankroll, and more if you bet 2% for example.

for basketball i only bet for the home team tts<5h

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Personally I would go with Kelly on all unlimited accounts. By selecting a lower Kelly % you reduce the risk of loss at the expense of more bets required to turn the bank-roll.